The Works of Joseph Tabler

Voice and Piano Works of Joseph Tabler  


11 2018 -- I've been doing a lot of audio lately. CBD Oil, Instant Pot Cookbooks!, and Viagra....of all things.

They can be checked out on the Audible or Amazon links below.

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Contact me at: jtabler (@) san (dot) rr (dot) com 


11 - 2018 -- I play everyday...and am developing a couple new pieces.... and revisiting the oldies...

I have some to edit and add here.....soon? We'll see. :>)

Free to listen to or download. All rights reserved.

Imperfectly Recorded :>)

September 2018 aloha.

The Gladiator    


May 2018 aloha.



March 2018 aloha.



Previous Pieces:

In The Middle of the Night (Midnight)    


When We Dance (We Always Dance Together)    


Annies Song